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Music at St. Bartís

Choir April 2004

Music has become one of the most important components of worship at St. Barts.

With the support of our wonderful new mechanical-action pipe organ a dedicated group of more than 20 singers in 4-part harmony forms the choral backbone of all our music making here at St. Barts. We sing music from a wide range of periods and styles, but always to the best of our ability and with a deep sense of commitment to quality in worship. We hope that our endeavors aid and add to the meaning of each listenerís faith journey. It is not necessary to be a member of St. Barts, or even an Episcopalian to join us in this work.

Organ Console

In addition to Sundays, we regularly schedule small concerts, evensongs and other fun, musically-based events.

Andover Organ Opus 112: We are very fortunate to have a fine 19-rank, all mechanical pipe organ which supports both congregational and choral singing and inspires through concerts and solo work in the festivals and services of the Episcopal liturgy. Our organ was built and installed by the Andover Organ Co. in 2001. It is hand-crafted of fumed red oak and walnut and contains nearly one thousand speaking pipes on two manual and one pedal divisions. The console is detached from the organ to accommodate direction from the keyboard, but all action is controlled manually without the assistance or interference of electricity. The fan blower is the only electrically operated part of this instrument. See detailed organ info in right hand column.

Music Library