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Photo albums

We've got a Flick'r account - Flick'r is a web service for storing and sharing photographs online. Point your browser to: to check out photos from our Church events.

If you'd like to contribute photos, contact Angela at 846-9244, or - or just drop a CD with the photographs on Angela's desk in the office. Thanks!
stbartsyarmouth's Christmas Fair 2007 photoset stbartsyarmouth's Christmas Fair 2007 photoset
Talent Auction 2006 stbartsyarmouth's Talent Auction 2006 photoset
Christmas Fair 2004 stbartsyarmouth's Christmas Fair 2004 photoset
Clean Energy Fair 2006 stbartsyarmouth's Clean Energy Fair 2006 photoset
Fat Tuesday Frolic 2006 stbartsyarmouth's Fat Tuesday Frolic 2006 photoset
Clean Up 2006 stbartsyarmouth's Clean Up 2006 photoset

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