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Environmental Stewardship

We at St. Bart’s celebrate our connections with all of God’s creation in our liturgies, our Sunday School, our building, and in our outreach activities.

Every year we celebrate a four-week Creation Season in October, incorporating St. Francis Day. Our worship draws on contemporary as well as traditional readings; our music includes old standards such as Haydn’s “Creation” as well as birdsong; the altar vestments portray the beauty of our coastal habitats and their creatures; and sermons draw upon the ancient roots of Creation theology as well as carrying that spirit forward to the glories and crises we experience today.

Sunday School has a four week curriculum using the Godly Play format with new stories developed at St. Bart’s. Using the seven-day Creation story from Genesis as the beginning story about “Big Gifts”, we talk about God’s gifts of fire, water, air and earth. Art activities have included making pinwheels, leaf bookmarks, cutting flowers for bouquets for the children’s altar, and of course lots of drawing and painting.

The Environmental Stewardship Committee is currently chaired by Libby Moore. We always welcome new energy, even if it is just for a particular event or project. Environmental stewardship is also woven into the fabric of education, worship, hospitality, buildings and grounds, Christmas Fair and all of our life at St. Bart’s by their respective committees.